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June 13Corporate

Epson Opens Textile Solutions Center (TSC Asia) at Fujimi Plant in Japan

Seiko Epson Corporation has opened a new textile solutions center called "TSC Asia" at its Fujimi Plant in Nagano prefecture.

June 7Corporate

Notification about Share Repurchase

At a meeting of its board of directors held on April 26, Seiko Epson Corporation resolved on a share repurchase pursuant to Article 156 of the Companies Act of Japan as applied pursuant to Article 165, Paragraph 3 of the same act, and implemented the share repurchase.

May 29Products

Epson's M-A552 Accelerometers Ideal for Structure Health Monitoring

Seiko Epson Corporation has added two new high-performance products to its lineup of three-axis accelerometers.

May 24Corporate

Epson Atmix Installs New Production Line at Its Kita-Inter Plant

Epson Atmix Corporation has installed and began operation of a new production line for amorphous alloy powder production at its Kita-Inter Plant, in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan.